Monday, 9 December 2013

Marie Antoinette like a geisha

Dubai-based Pinoy couturier Furne One knows how to
cater to a woman's every whim: his highly embellished
dresses always have an evocative and tantalizing impact
that emphasizes the designer's unique artistry. 

The founder of 'Amato by Furne One Haute Couture' came
to showcase the label's s/s Alta Moda 2014 collection at
Fashion Forward Dubai through a spectacular catwalk show
introducing highly crafted bejeweled dresses in tulle, lace
and silk in a macaroon-inspired color palette of green, ivory,
beige and pink shades skillfully combining the regal bearing
of Marie Antoinette with the meekness of a geisha.

Theatrical, jaw-dropping queenly attire with obi and glossy
ribbon like belts, ruffled collars or white leg warmers whose
beauty is brought to the fore by the glamorous editorial of
LA FEMME magazine. Signed by noted fashion director and
stylist Esther Quek - the Singapore-born, Dubai-based fashion
mover and shaker who's known for her androgynous style and
her effortless take on glamour - and Amato's fellow photographer
Tina Patni (see previous post), the photo shoot taken at Arp
Studios shows the collection's gorgeous creations worn by
models with sculpted hair (by Helga Bosman) adorned with
jewels by Toujours while Elga Kassebaum provided her own
pet dogs, Candy, Coco and Twiggy. Amazingly good 
images for mind-blowing couture garb!

> all images © by Tina Patni for LA FEMME magazine <

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