Tuesday, 3 December 2013

it's me again

Ukraine is the news these days with people on the
streets asking for the country to be part of EU yet
as far as I know the ties with Russia are strong as
ever, mostly in the Eastern and Southern Russian
speaking regions like the city of Donetsk, the birthplace
of young fashion designer Dina Lynnyk.

The Donetsk-born talent who's known for her dreamlike
collage illustrations as well as for the captivating RTW  
collections of her label 'It's me by Dina Lynnyk
is actually based in Kiev yet her own aesthetic 
has a lot to do with posh European flair (here).
The label's s/s 2014 is a polychromatic, art-driven
collection. Dina was strongly inspired by the works of
Japanese artist Sadamasa Motonaga, a little-known
exponent of the Gutai radical, post-WWII group of artists,
and mostly by his technique repeating a single element
with subtle changes in color or shape through primitive
geometric forms as well as by Latvian-American artist
Sven Lukin who's known for his ”ascendants”, three-dimensional
shaped canvas with abstract sinuous shapes in vivid colors.

Showcased at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days,
the collection plays with minimal, often asymmetrical
shapes, gradient stretching and cuts to create colorful
outfits: creations of a style in the making yet with a real
twist. ”I create clothes for people who are looking for the
beauty in the ugly, like unexpected proportions and details.
At the same time, I try to do things the most wearable and
commercial, designed for a wide range of my clients”
frankly declares. I'm confident about her growth as a
designer and I hope everything will work out fine 
for her beautiful country, too.

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