Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bea Szenfeld's Haute Papier

You know how often fashion meets geometry and
therefore paper through origami-inspired creations made
by several designers by cutting, bending and shaping it
into structures and dresses redolent of the iconic pleats,
folds and tessellations of the old Japanese art form and
that's why this blog has a 'paperfashion' tag.

Bea Szenfeld is a Polish-born designer living in Sweden
since her salad days; graduated from Beckmans College
of Design, the famous art school founded in Stockholm
by Anders Beckman and Göta Trägårdh back in 1939,
she made a name for herself thanks to her distinctive
take on vintage style and preowned materials.

Having worked for Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger,
Bea is an experienced designer who dares to think and
act with humor producing remarkable collections always
looking for innovative results through her untamed idea
of style. Her latest 'Haute Papier' s/s 2014 collection has
been showcased last summer at Stockholm fashion week
showing paper made dresses and carefully crafted three
dimensional creations with tender animal shapes.

Szenfeld did not avail herself of 3-D printing devices
building her paper structures by hand glueing each single
piece together to create bearskins and cute teddies as 
well as lions, gorillas and elephants or bouquets of roses;
showy creations worn by models upon nude undergarments
to emphasize their shape. It goes without saying that these
are not clothes to wear outside the runway but through them
Bea proves to be adroit at designing whatever she wants to.
She'll certainly make the papers!

> all images © by Kristian Löveborg/ASFB <

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