Sunday, 1 December 2013

back to black

Don't get me wrong, although I've seen better days I'm
not in a black mood, I've simply chosen this title to mark
the second black & white post in a row (while saluting
Amy who would have turned 30 this year).
Black is the
color of elegance and sophistication with a hint of mistery
and it also represents strength through simplicity as in
Sarah Rebecca Ryan's graduate collection. ”The body
itself is a most sacred garment...”
is the axiom behind
her 'Corpus Fraterna' collection which is ”based on the
notion of building a newly formed body from the 
inside out” as she states.

Based in Midleton, county Cork, Ireland, Sarah came to
show her talent as the student who won the International
Triumph Inspiration Award in lingerie design with her
”The Edge of Euphoria” piece inspired by rock muses
of the 70s, recently graduating from Limerick School of
Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in womenswear.
”Using my two brothers, both surgeons, as its beginning,
the collection investigates contour and line with particular
focus on interconnectivity and the garments 
relativity to one another.”


”The fusion of muscle to bone is illustrated using adverse
textiles to create a new informed silhouette in achromatic

 black” the collection statement reported right before the
LSAD graduate fashion show 'Nineteen' that this year ran
together with the 'International Alumni Fashion Gathering'.
Sarah Ryan's collection shows ”statement pieces for ageless
women” as opportunely Not Just A Label introduces her
mind-blowing cordlike creations reminiscent of muscle
bundles that make her a designer to watch closely.

> all images © by Not Just A Label <

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