Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sophia Morero's mixed talent

I confess I like very much the fashion illustrations by 
London-based and educated fashion illustrator, stylist and 
photographer Sophia Morero whose work is greatly influenced 
by her considerable knowledge of past and current trends.

Sophia, a BA (Hons) in fashion illustration from London College
of Fashion, has a wide background both in mens and womenswear
having worked for years in fashion retail; she eventually changed
side on the fence becoming a gifted mixed media fashion 
illustrator with a fresh, highly personal style that subtly juxtaposes 
real pictures with pen and ink drawings, watercolors and 
handmade stitchings in a stunning contrast between bold 
graphic lines and delicate detailing.

At ease with all fashion branches and a wide range of techniques,
Sophia's touch heightens street wear as well as designer clothes
by mixing photography and drawings with sewed (often reversed)
writings and embroideries with acrylic paints and watercolors
in a distinct multi-dimensional perspective which is particularly
suited to showcase looks and trends. Occasionally her sketches
provide the starting point for her photo shoots.

”While I am youthful I will do what I want, wear what I want, 
and be who I want!” a Rolling Stones-esque mouth shouts out 
from one of her drawings and that's exactly what I like 
about her works: the ironic sense of vitality and 
ingenuity they convey. Thumbs up!

> all artworks, illustrations and pictures © by Sophia Morero <

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