Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kou: buttoned up necklaces

The Shanghai-born, London-based jewelry designer
Octavia Xiaozi Yang who took me aback last year
with her ”Joinery in Jewels” collection (as mentioned
that later on won the Swarovski Award of ITS,
International Talent Support, in Trieste, is back
to reinvent Chinese tradition through her 
sublime joinery technique.

The collection is called 'Kou' being highly inspired by
Chinese handmade Pan Kou buttons, sort of fancy
frog buttons traditionally used to fasten the front of  
cheongsams. For centuries the first button has been
deemed to introduce the beauty of Chinese ladies
as well as the threshold of their heart - someone
wisely wrote their ”last line of defense” - turned
through time into a must-have element.

She started working on 'Kou' while interning at
Swarovski headquarters (a unique benefit included
in her ITS award)
in Wattens, Austria with the
technical support of the Swarovski Elements team. 
Gorgeous braidings made of gold-plated brass,
sandalwood, Swarovski stones and crystals, all
bearing handmade silk tassels in coordinating
colors: a collection that's right on the button in
terms of trends and that will certainly boost her
challenging role in jewels and accessories design.

> all images © by William Yingwei Tang <

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