Friday, 22 November 2013

Korlekie's glamorous Ophelia

Since Victorian times, Shakespeare's character of Ophelia
retains an exceptional popularity inspiring with her sad
fate and her self-murder by water artists of all kinds and
she looks ideally suited to embody the bold spirit and skill
of womenswear label Korlekie which smartly looks 
at the future with an eye to the past.

Korlekie is the brainchild of Afro-British up-and-coming
designer and creative director Beatrice Korlekie Newman,
the 'graduateacher' of my previous post whose streetwise
idea of clothing combining traditional craft techniques 
with modern glamour took my breath away.

'Ophelia' s/s 2014 collection maintains the label's cutting
edge embracing the designer's passion for Pre-Raphaelite
art, regal Gothicism and intricacies through textile 
manipulation and impeccable craftsmanship cleverly 
mixing smooth and glossy textures with elaborate baroque
handworks. Using the story of Polonius's daughter and
namely Queen Gertrude's monologue announcing Ophelia's
death, Beatrice Korlekie explores ”the meaning behind the
melancholic beauty of Ophelia using her story as a foundation
for creating delicate, womanly shapes that still holds true 
to the Gothic nature of the Korlekie brand”.

I'm mad about the vibrant images of the forthcoming
campaign taken by London based fashion and beauty
photographer Stuart Weston who also has a penchant
for Italian Renaissance and 17th century Dutch masters,
who provides a glitzy take on Ophelia's femininity while
highlighting the sophisticated elegance of the clothes
as well as the exquisite fabrics and techniques they're
made of. Created by Shakespeare, light-painted by
Weston and crafted by Korlekie. Truly amazing!

> all images © by Stuart Weston via Fashionising <

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