Wednesday, 20 November 2013

idyllic childhood memories

I agree that the whole pleasure of clothing design lies in
its making (of course when you have realistic expectations
it works even better) as the motto of Japanese womenswear
label 'IN-PROCESS by HALL OHARA' reads. 'In-process'
stands for 'progress' and it aims at ”capturing the energy
of a garment that is in the process of being made”.

'Hall Ohara' was established by a gifted duo made
by London-born designer Steven Hall and her wife
Yurika Ohara who was born in Tokyo, after they both
graduated from Central Saint Martins College with first
class degrees. Sharing a unique passion for the surreal
and absurdity that's evident in their approach towards
prints, the designers explore playful techniques such
as Dadaist collage or automatic drawing to ”provide a
play for products and clothes” as they declare.

The label debuted at London fashion week showcasing
the s/s 2006 collection that won British Fashion Council
and Topshop's New Generation Award being exhibited in
Paris and Tokyo as well. It briskly became synonymous
with a unique quirky aesthetic officially changing its name
to 'IN-PROCESS by HALL OHARA' since 2010 to incorpo-
rate the new vision debuting anew at Japan fashion week 
where its creations are regularly exhibited since then.

Steven and Yurika didn't just rebrand the label; they actually
changed the whole approach to design and pattern cutting
achieving great results like in their latest 'Idyllic' collection
showcased on October in Tokyo at the Shibuya Hikarie Hall.
Inspired by cherished memories of voyages, vivid prints
mixing world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben,
New York's Statue of Liberty and yellow cabs as well as the
top of Fujiyama or a Ferris wheel, are paired with vintage
motifs and flower patterns in outfits that ”are as much 
about aesthetics as they are about sartorial cheekiness” 
as they care to point out.

A slightly modern nostalgic mood spreads through printed
tops and dresses in pastel tones with vivid twisted scarves
expressing jollity while darker shades and gold underline
more refined silhouettes in which floral knits and sequined
flower embroideries stand out as strongly evocative symbols
 of a peaceful idyll. As if to say ”It's never too late to have a
happy childhood but don't forget that the pleasure 
is all in the process of doing it”.

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