Friday, 15 November 2013

babies are us

The playful collection you're about to cast an eye
over has been inspired to Ukrainian designer
Yasya Khomenko by her three-year old niece who
drived her at seeing next season from a child's
point of view: - ”You're a little baby now” aunt Yasya
said and she suddenly replied ”No, it's you who's
still a baby!” - providing an unexpected guidance.

Khomenko started to play with the idea as well as
with herself as a designer so serious about her work
conceiving RCR Khomenko's 'Playful Me' s/s 2014
collection. Full of vibrancy and self-ironic cheerfulness
(but I bet it wasn't a child play) the collection is plenty
of tailored outfits in a variety of styles ranging from
feminine shapes to a sportswear aesthetic with
printed and patterned recycled fabrics evoking kids
bedroom wallpapers and tableclothes, a tropical
jungle with cartoonish animals, vintage 
cars and football team emblems.

The catwalk show at Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion
Days bore Khomenko's typical powerful visual impact
all across dressing up, role-playing and costume party.
Models walked the runway wearing paper masks
disguised as joyously irreverent characters; playful
tomboys who love to dress up like sailor girls, 
soldiers, football players or car saleswomen 
showcasing the limited collection.

Khomenko's penchant for primary colors (as in her
Mondrian-esque AW collection)
finds its way into the
navy gals' striped dresses while the servicewoman
wears a double-breasted jacket over checked shorts; 
the footballer a bomber jacket and the car
saleswoman an over-sized blazer adorned 
with see-through vintage cars.

A true burst of childish fun filtered through expertise
and hopefulness for jolly young women who dare 
to have more fun in everyday's life.

'still a baby' designer Yasya Khomenko
all images © by MBKFD

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