Thursday, 14 November 2013

amphibians from the black lagoon

”I love monster movies, I simply adore monster movies,
and the cheaper they are, the better they are...”
century music genius Frank Zappa declared his love for
b-movies in 'Cheepnis' while avant-garde Spanish designer,
much esteemed Leyre Valiente, has always had a liking for
filmmaking - she studied audiovisual communication at the
University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid where she also
worked as a costume designer - and a soft spot 
for funny monster movies, too.

Her first fashion film for her 'Chimaera' collection (here)
was nominated to an award in Berlin fashion film festival,
she then teamed up with director Alberto Diaz from
Mordisco Films to make 'Malleus Maleficarum' and she
strives to work again with him in 'Amphibia', a short movie
”more fun and a bit less fashion” as she declared asking
for help for this achievement here.

Her love for zoomorphic forms and her distinctive
couturesque approach epitomizing the ongoing metamorphosis
of women, shaped her latest collection, obviously called
Amphibia, which looks less sculptural: her signature
armored structures with evident stitchings give way to
gripping textures mimicking fish or reptiles scales through
frills, ruffles and pleats; cut-outs, inserts and appliqués
giving birth to creatures from the black lagoon, sort of
opulent mutant women with gills and fins 
came out of the water... to eat!

Valiente's s/s 2014 'Amphibia' collection campaign has
been signed by Madrid-based photographer Sergio Lardiez,
who's also known for his portraits, who joined up with
Leyre and make up artist Naomí Gayoso and hair stylist
Javier Madueño. Gorgeous images for a more sartorial
and refined collection fully showing how Leyre's talent is
far from being green around the gills; she's on her way
to become a big name in cutting-edge fashion, 
so beware, she's definitely dressed to kill!

> all images © by Sergio Lardiez for Leyre Valiente 2013 <

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