Thursday, 31 October 2013

spooktacular All Hallows' Eve

'Dream of the soft look', 2013 © by Jason Bard Yarmosky
It's Halloween night folks so you'd better keep an eye
on the spooky dangers lurking around like this couple
of dressed up elders roaming the streets hand in hand
trick or treating or, you may never know, egging some
random cars and houses. Joking aside, I chose this
frightfully fun image, named 'Dream of the Soft Look',
which is not a photograph yet a breathtaking hyperrealistic
painting by New York artist Jason Bard Yarmosky who
focused on portraying his grandparents to explore the
concept of aging. 'Dream of the Soft Look' is actually
Yarmosky's new solo exhibition investigating both physical
and psychological features of human life cycle capturing
on canvas unique moments of humor, sorrow, wonderment
or discontent. Have a spooktacular nite tonite!

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