Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sorronda's 'just like honey'

Aussie leading designer Gail Sorronda whose career
I've been following since her involvment in 'Milano
Loves Fashion' event three years ago when I 
surrendered myself to her conceptual dark-romantic 
dualism, unveiled her latest collection featuring 
an unprecedented collaboration.

The Brisbane-born and educated talent who came to add
splashes of color to her signature black and white palette,
brings in prints teaming up with fellow countryman, visual
artist Michael Zavros in her ”Just Like Honey” s/s 2014
collection. Michael's original drawing of a swarm of killer
bees (Australia is home to some of the world's deadliest
animals, after all) became the print featured throughout
the collection in a gripping clash between the designer's
dark romanticism and Zavros' hyperrealistic technique.

Gail fell in love with Zavros' artworks she became familiar
with at a mutual friend's home: ”there was something about
his work - there was the hyperrealism but also a dark
undercurrent and humor, some melancholy and his
referencing to popular culture - there was this duality
that I could relate to”
she declared to the press right
before the collection's catwalk debut at 

Bees envelope the body swarming over ten pieces while
Gail surprisingly didn't show her passion for sculptural
headpieces here; barely a hair net or the hat and veil
of the beekeeper suit comes to cover the head of Olivia,
model at Vivien's Model Management, in the sun-drenched
photo shoot taken in a broken-down industrial setting
with dust and debris all around by Perth-born,
Melbourne-based photographer Megan Cullen to
emphasize the contrast between the clothes' 
romantic sheerness and the harsh environment.

> all images © by Megan Cullen Photo, style by Gail Sorronda <

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