Thursday, 3 October 2013

so quirky, so Moody

Right at the end of my previous post I came to mention
one of my fave fashion photographer, Madame Peripetie
and the following day I joyously stumbled upon her latest
photo shoot (unfortunately I wasn't able to share 
it until tonight because this week started 
off quite busy for me).

Once again Peripetie signs East London-based
Moody & Farrell's spring-summer 2014 campaign with
breathtaking images in which the whimsical creations of
milliner Eloise Moody meet the polished aesthetic of her
portraiture. The open-mouthed astonishment made by
their previous collaboration for the 'Travelling 
Maurice' (here) collection is intact.

Elaborate, sculptural headpieces combining traditional
techniques in straw weaving with Eloise's modern
approach are subtly highlighted by temporary tattoos,
crafted hatpins and wooden combs. Moody proved to be
at ease also working with rope, leather and wood creating
amazing avant-garde hats out of humble materials and
now this ”three-way love child of wrought ironwork,
Elizabethan dress and traditional straw work” as the
collection's press release reads, stands out like 
a new statement of style.

> all images © by Moody & Farrell/ Peripetie <

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