Tuesday, 8 October 2013

schizotype chic

Graduated earlier this year from London's College
of Fashion, up-and-coming Chinese designer
Min Wu debuted with a sophisticated collection
plenty of pleated details and youthful charm.

Born in Suzhou, Min studied at the China Academy
of Art in Shanghai before moving to London where
she also sharpened up her skills interning at Kirsty
Ward and Giles Deaco. Wu showcased her minimal
pieces at LCF MA show in February as well at
Fashion Scout's graduate show during London
fashion week in September.

Called 'Schizophrenia' being heavily inspired by the
puzzling double shape of OOOMS' Schizo cork vase
and avant-garde artist Anthony McCall's 'Solid Light'
series in which light evolves into a 3-D space, the
combination of viscose and neoprene give birth to
a playful collection with sporty sculptural 
pieces that look fresh and elegant.

Wu's take on schizophrenia includes her typical
pleated textures revisited through the Schizo Vase
suggestions, especially in a half cape dress and
in a structured dress with a protruding hip where
the fabric has been reinforced by inserting 
strips of foam and thin rods.

McCall's influence is plain in Wu's color palette and
the game of lights and contrasts: she succeeded in
hand-dyeing viscose and neoprene towards perfection
with faded tones of blue and bluish-purple but I'm
actually nuts about her moulded plastic loafers with
heels made from transparent acrylic or rubber tubes.
A desirable form of schizophrenia indeed.

all catwalk images © by David Shih
all details © by Jason Yao

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