Tuesday, 29 October 2013

never odd or even

You can read this post's title backwards being it a
palindrome like 'nurses run' or 'step on no pets'
because this phrase was chosen by Athens-based
designer Eleftheria Arapoglou as the name of her
label's latest womenswear collection.

Eleftheria studied fashion design at London's 
Surrey Institute of Art and Design before moving 
back to Greece where she worked as fashion editor 
for the renowned 'Ozon' mag before launching LACQNE,
an avant-garde women's label that had some 
success taking part in alternative fashion fairs 
in Berlin and Stockholm.

In 2008 she established the innovative fashion label
she always dreamed of, 'Digitaria', offering high-end
bespoke tailoring to men and women looking for a
distinctive style; a label that's proudly open to
”exchange ideas and interact with different
creative partners.”

Digitaria's 'Never Odd or Even' s/s 2014 collection
shows the label's signature strong, a bit androgynous
silhouettes through wearable garments with a minimalist
attitude, interesting layerings, accurate cuts and openings
and unisex accessories in a basic palette made of black,
white, blue and Veronese green with a sudden baby
pink hue paired with black. When it comes to personal
style, nothing's more suited than a never odd statement
piece to even things out. Do not bob to nod!

> all images © by Christos Tzimas, style by Manos Jojos
both @ This is not another agency <

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