Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Neptune's daughter

Cassandra Verity Green is a young gifted graduate
who gets into the swing of things with the confidence
of an accomplished designer: born in the open spaces
of London's Hampstead Heath, Cassandra shows her
still vivid girlhood memories through brightly textured
outfits. A recent Central Saint Martins graduate comple-
ting a four-year degree in fashion design and knitwear,
Cassandra showcased her final project collection that
strongly echoes 1950s swimwear and Esther 
Williams aquatic movies.

Aptly called 'Neptune's Daughter', the colorful artsy
collection shows gripping textures evoking a sunny
underwater universe through labor-intensive rubber
beading techniques, swimming caps with Plexiglas
spikes and fuzzy knits mimicking water movements
and algae: Poseidon's daughter has never been 
so free-spirited and natty.

I'm not worried about the goldfishes trapped in her
handbags and knapsacks, it's just a showy runway
trick made with a little help from her friends - small
fishes quitely living in her kitchen - that proves the
young designer's ability: she has what it takes to
confirm her fresh knack for fashion with forthcoming
collections by her own label CVG

> all images © by Jarek Kotomski, styled by Madeleine Østlie <


  1. I love the backpack - it reminds me of my childhood and the dreams of going to the Berlin Love Parade... but I'm really glad to hear no fishies were harmed in its making.

  2. I appreciate what Cassandra Green did here with her collection,and she has a high sense of beauty and fashion.It looks a lot of fun,and opened my appetite for an underwater exploration.I invite you on my blog.

  3. Wow, I am in love with this. I would wear everything, I love it's quirkiness, colours and playfulness. Thank you for this post, I definitely will keep an eye on Cassandra Green. xx