Sunday, 27 October 2013

magic & loss

'Transformer' album cover, image credit: Mick Rock
In my teenage years I fell in love with the songs of
Brooklyn-born songwriter, singer and guitarist Lou Reed
who passed away today (at first it looked like the nth
celebrity death hoax spread on the web but later on
it sadly came to be true)
and this is my chance to say 
goodbye. He helped define New York City as well as
to shape rock music and its own poetry since the mid
1960s with Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground reaching
stardom with 'Transformer' - the 1972 solo album
produced by his 'disciples' David Bowie and Mick
Ronson - but he was quite an unpredictable genius
who came to challenge his fans record after record.
Now the forefather of punk and alternative rock is gone:
he will be missed but not forgotten because the magic
of his music will live forever. So long Lou, 
may you walk on the soothing side of life.

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