Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jezebel's sins

The spooky mood of Halloween gets going (I'm
about to sew skull, jack-o'-lantern and bat-shaped
patches on my niece's black cape)
so what about
a new take on the infamous 'Sins of Jezebel' to
warm us up? The idolatrous Phoenician princess'
deeds became a symbol of wickedness and sexual
promiscuity inspiring songs, novels and movies such
as the famed American drama film starring Paulette
Goddard and Isaac Asimov's 'The Caves of Steel' novel 
that both celebrate their 60th anniversary this year. 

Visionary image-maker TOMAAS took a dramatic
photo shoot obviously called 'Sins of Jezebel' with
his edgy signature style summoning up Jez's last act: 
dressed in full regalia with make-up and jewelry
to symbolically show the dignity of her status, 
she left life as a queen.

The New York-based, German-born photographer
teamed up with illustrator and fine artist Januz Miralles
from Laguna, Philippines, to create bold thespian
two-toned portraits where fashion, digital photography
and illustration merge with a peculiar uncanny flavor.
Model Lilya Polokhova of Muse Models - her hair
raised, plastered in floral fabric or adorned with a
wreath of silk layers - artfully evokes the fallen
human nature looking gorgeous and spine-tingling
at the same time.

> all images © by TOMAAS <

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