Saturday, 26 October 2013

I went into a dream

I went into a dream
”I went into a dream” when I came across the vibrant
artworks by Spanish artist Mercedes Lagunas, that's
why I stole one of her titles to begin with. Mercedes
studied art history at Madrid's much esteemed 
Complutense University and has been working as
a graphic designer but she has been painting her
whole life (although between flights: she traveled
the world as a flight attendant) recently focusing
her vocation into illustration.

Tree of life

Demasiado corazón

In the city

Bright acrylic paintings showing her skillfulness
as well as her knowledge and love for art history;
she made waves with her 'Boho Garden', a
color-infused portrait series with lush natural
elements in the background that instantly calls
to mind the art of legendary Mexican painter
Frida Kahlo yet the influence of old masters
such as German-American draughtsman and
painter George Grosz and even Picasso 
is easily discernible.

Flowers, animals and love

Happy New Year

At ease with different techniques, Mercedes
creates gorgeous floral patterns skillfully mixing 
techniques and materials: vivid acrylic colors
exalting graphic shapes of flowers, birds and
sprouting leaves with a strong symbolic allure
are often collage-made while fabrics and beads
are occasionaly glued to the canvas. Her art
is able to exude an otherworldly beauty seen
through the informal and unconventional 
vision of a true artist-at-heart.

all artworks © by Mercedes Lagunas

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