Monday, 14 October 2013

'Holi Holy' wins hands down

This year's winner of ASVOFF 6 Gran Prix, the annual festival
of fashion film conceived and run by fashion pundit Diane Pernet
aka 'A Shaded View On Fashion' which took place at the Centre
Pompidou in Paris, is the breathtaking short movie ”Holi Holy
styled and conceptualized by Indian master designer Manish Arora,
directed by Bharat Sikka starring gorgeous looking contemporary
artist Bishi Bhattacharya with Tassaduq Hussain as director of
photography. Over the years, ASVOFF showcased fashion films
of any kind, made by acclaimed directors or global luxury brands
as well as by underground filmmakers. ”Holi Holy” celebrates the
widows of Varanasi (the holy city on Ganges River mostly known
as Benares here in Europe)
who broke a centuries old tradition
celebranting and playing Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, for
the first time. Arora's vivid clothes are ideally suited for the
color-drenched story set in Varanasi and Bishi's quite unique:
do not settle for these movie stills, enjoy the full 
short movie here to go into raptures! 

all movie stills from ”Holi Holy” by Manish Arora/Bharat Sikka/Tassaduq Hussain

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