Friday, 18 October 2013

fun-filled bijoux

Inspired by daily life objects, designer Yaz Bukey
came to gimmick up Maison Darré, the Parisian
art and furniture gallery that brought into being a
whole new way of imagining artist editions, like
a colorful supermarket with a vibrant razzle-dazzle.

Founded and run by experienced designer Vincent
Darré who's widely known in Italy for his past
collaborations with brands such as Prada and
Moschino, the appealing narrow boutique of rue
du Mont Thabor was filled with brightly 
colored household goods.

Bizarre and elegant at the same time, Yazbukey's
accessories are playfully creative and full of pop
references: necklaces, bags, Plexiglas bracelets
and earrings have been interpreted through her
own skittish frame of mind.

After studying at Studio Berçot and working with
first-rate fashion brands such as Margiela, Givenchy
and Jeremy Scott, Yaz established the Yazbukey
label in 2000 developing her frisky universe of
accessories for women as well as for the home
regularly collaborating with other brands.

Yazbukey's adornments produce powerful feelings
and strong, clear images that bring us back to the
1960s iconography of pop culture. The amusing
images of the s/s 2014 collection, taken by photo-
grapher Quentin Saunier, highlight its cheerful
mood with smiling pinups in mini outfits surrounded
by everyday objects like giant toothbrushes, soap
and cleaning stuff, canned food. Yaz is never
backward in displaying her joyful talent.

> all images © by Quentin Saunier <

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  1. It's wonderful when advertising can make someone smile.