Tuesday, 15 October 2013

dream maker dressmaker

Vietnamese-born designer Phuong My (and wardrobe
stylist as she introduces herself)
, is actually a dream
maker. ”I don't create clothes, I create dreams” she
declares and she's not bragging about because she
made a name for herself across the world: exclusive
luxury fabrics, excellent craftsmanship and modern-chic
silhouettes are the backbone of her namesake 
label's poetic aesthetic.

Phuong My took aback the world of fashion when,
after establishing her popularity in Asia among private
customers and fashionistas, moved to the United
States where she improved her attitude in refusing
to accept any standard short of perfection in all
fields of her business, from designing to production.

To position her label in the high-end fashion world,
Phuong My chose from the beginning that all the
fabrics for her main collections have to be exclusively
made for her by selected suppliers, in Hong Kong as
well as in Milan and Paris. She makes use of wool,
cashmere, opaque organza, silk and silk lace to
forge her distinctive East-meets-West style.

Thanks to the favorable assessment of her ability,
Phuong My decided to bring her business back from
the US to her roots, namely her hometown Ho Chi
Minh City from where she dreams to expand her
trade towards Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Her latest fall-winter 2013-14 collection puts on display
gorgeous models cocooned in fabric structures that
embrace the body in a harmonious blend of Asian
grace and modern worldliness with well tailored
dresses emphasizing shoulders and hips through
a strong yet delicate color palette made of 
ivory, gold, red and purple.

”Warm as wool and light as silk” as she introduces
it, Phuong My's collection is a true expression of
feminine elegance and artistry that mirrors her unique
talent and diverse experiences. Above all, 
every dream begins with a dreamer.

> all images © by Phuong My via the label's fb page <

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