Monday, 23 September 2013

the day Maqroll died

Álvaro Mutis at the helm of Santa Eulàlia vessel
in Barcelona during the 'Premi Literari Nostromo', 2008
I can't miss the opportunity to mourn the loss of one
of my best-loved writers, Colombian poet and novelist
Álvaro Mutis who passed away this morning in Mexico
City at 90. Mutis wrote poetry for 40 long years while
his first novels began to appear only in mid 1970s as
an extension of his themes, scenes and obsessions
through his outstanding style combining Homeric
epics with the dark tones of Conrad. I actually fell
in love with his most-known character, Maqroll, a
solitary sailor searching for the meaning of life across
the untamed waters of the world. Once a French
friend told Mutis not to kill his character:  
”Maqroll will die when you die” he wisely
said and today's sadly that day.

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