Wednesday, 18 September 2013

soft to shake

”In fashion sometimes you may need to Shock to Shake. 
When truly it's in remaining Sharp that you Shape” 
is the motto adopted by Dakar-born designer Omar Salam 
to impart his own credo: extremely crafted pieces 
made to move with the wearer's body.

Omar Salam is the designer behind the label 'Sukeina'
(Su Kei Na means bright light yet the label's name
comes from his beloved mother Sukeina who inspired
his early passion for sewing) which was established in 2008
following his seven-year-long experience with famed
French fashion house Sonia Rykiel.

Sukeina's s/s 2014 collection, called 'Porcelain', has
been recently showcased at New York fashion week
highlighting the designer's philosophy through volumes
and shapes skillfully exploring the idea of movement
in a constant play between soft and structured forms,
where form-fitting dresses are paired with flouncy
origami-like creations with delicate, sheer fabrics,
soft drapings and foldings with hard and smooth
edges in a minimal color palette that smartly accen-
tuates the flow of fabrics as well as 
the garments' elegance.

all images © by Tear-n Tan

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