Thursday, 26 September 2013

jungle exxxotica

Fasten your seat belt 'cause you're about to be deeply
imbued with an energetic cocktail of the exotic by
Ehssan Morshed Sefat's ”Jungle Exxxotica” womens-
wear collection which is clearly brought to the fore 
by the gorgeous images of Antwerp-based 
photographer Michaël Smits.

The Swedish-born designer of Iranian origin showcased
his collection during Antwerp's Royal Academy 50th
anniversary show following his graduation from the
4th year. Ehssan previously studied at 
Eindhoven's Design Academy.

Antwerp is used to the sprouting of young creative
minds and, as one of Europe's fashion capital cities,
is prepared for anything yet the vigorous blast of
colors and textures of Ehssan's jungle ladies came
as a bombshell. No wonder ”Jungle Exxxotica” won
the RA award and it will be on display in Paris 
at the RA showroom.

A wide range of exotic (or supposed to be) motifs
were skillfully mixed to create a large and heteroge-
neous collection which is truly eye candy and plenty
of suggestions:  Brazilian motifs, palm trees and hemp
leaves or the label of a well known Cuban sugar-cane
distillate provide impressive collage prints while animal
skins, patched leather, printed Lycra and chunky 
knits run the gamut of exotic through 
shapes and combinations.

> all lookbook pictures © by Michaël Smits <
The whole mood of the sundry collection is highlighted
by the visual strength of accessories such as bamboo
sandals, huge sunglasses and towel headpieces.

It's a jungle out there and it's quite impressive!

> catwalk images © by Antwerp Fashion <

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