Friday, 27 September 2013

in front R(ick) OW(ens)

Nothing has changed yet nothing's the same after
Rick Owens' spring summer 2014 collection show
yesterday in Paris: the renowned American designer
made use of real people, namely brawny black women,
to create an unforeseen runway show. Selecting from an
American group of stomp performers, Owens conceived
a lively choreography to showcase his signature aesthetic
subtly combining street style, goth and sportswear in
a conceptual take on the she-warrior theme. Sturdy
models/dancers stare the camera ferociously like New
Zealand All Blacks during the 'Haka' war dance wearing
back-zipped leather jackets, vests and tunic tops over
bike shorts in a stark color palette made of black, white,
graphite and sand accessorized with head scarves and
bulky snickers as the getup of a new kind of woman,
savagely fierce and in control. Some say that Owens is
established enough to do what he wants as well as to
run the risk to call attention more on the stepping than the
clothes and that's so true but believe me, this show is really
innovative and I dare say it could be the turning point in
changing the perception of models and their body. As
we can see, the idealized female form is actually changing
and well-built women are more and more coming into view
within the world of fashion: far from being a fringe biz,
clothing for real women creates powerful identities
stimulating open-minded designers like Owens in doing
their best. Check out the label's website to see the whole
show in front row view: it's well worth it!

> all ”catwalk'” pictures © by Fashionising <

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