Friday, 20 September 2013

Cabiria's exciting night

Eden Miller, the experienced designer who launched
her own label 'Cabiria' obviously inspired by Fellini's
movie 'Nights of Cabiria' and the director's love for
well-fed curvy women, made history as the first
plus-size collection to show at New York's fashion week.

Eden, who worked as a costume designer for more
than twenty years, was invited to stage a show by the
Fashion Law Institute, a non-profit organization sup-
porting gifted designers with a tiny yet loyal following
but who can't put on shows by themselves, in order
to display her knack for flattering fuller figures.

”When I first met Eden,” Susan Scafidi of Fashion Law
Institute told the New York Daily News, ”she was wearing
one of her dresses and my first thought was not 'nice plus 

line', but 'nice collection', I wish she made it in my size...” 
adding that she was actually ”thrilled that the
plus world is coming out of the closet”.

For the very first time, a plus-size runway show joined
the line-up of Mercedes-Benz New York fashion week
presenting Cabiria's 6-piece collection. It can be hailed
as a giant step for full-figured women: the show actually
represents the legitimacy of plus-size as a real branch
of clothing design and the gateway to superior fashion,
hopefully forcing clothing lines into plus acceptance.
”...It can be measured in the same way that other  
kinds of fashion can be” Eden declared. 

Cabiria's appearance will certainly give a further boost
to the plus sector, that's why the designer and her models
were all visibly excited, chatting and having fun throughout
the show: check out this short video by OMGinsider,
they were on cloud nine and they all look gorgeous in
the floral printed outfits of the small collection which
isn't shy about playing with patterns and color.

Well tailored garments with clever cuts and vivid prints
mixing patterns with a subtle vintage feel, so it's
little wonder that Cabiria made a major fashion week
to roll out the red carpet for plump women and that's
quite a significant achievement. I'm confident that
we'll see more shows alike in time to come.

designer Eden Miller, left, with model Maxey Greene,
all images © by Cabiria's blog

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