Tuesday, 17 September 2013

been away too long

I've been away for a whole month and you may have
thought I was on vacation: to tell the truth I've been
quite busy for over three weeks almost completely
referbushing my pad, replacing the whole heating system
and therefore arranging and shifting furniture around,
painting walls, changing curtains and frames as well as
carrying all discarded items to the local recycling plant.
Meanwhile I've been dog sitting in the early morning
hours and sewing a flax jacket at night.

both images © by Barbara Walton/European Pressphoto Agency
Knock out activities that quickly drained my blogging will
yet my tasks were nothing compared to the hard work of
Thai lotus farmer Usa Mahmueangbon who runs with her
two sisters the lotus and water lily farm set up by their father
30 years ago in Saladin village, Nakhon Pathom, west of
Bangkok. Shrouded by colorful layers, the three sisters
wade into the shallow cultivated waters every two days
to pick about 1,500 huge, beautiful lotus flowers.
Beauty requires hard work.

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