Tuesday, 6 August 2013

voyage dans la lune

Stine Goya is the Danish multi-awarded designer who founded
her eponymous label in Copenhagen soon making a name for
herself thanks to distinctive sculpturally shaped pieces and
sumptuous prints. Since 2005, when she graduated from
London's hotbed of talent, Central St. Martins College of Arts
& Design, with a degree in fashion and print, Stine has been
creating garments and accessories skillfully combining special
features and details always introducing her seasonal 
collections by setting an accurate mood.

Goya came to show off the label's latest fall-winter 2013-14
collection at Copenhagen fashion week: aptly called ”Le Voyage
dans la Lune” being strongly inspired by the well-known silent
movie by legendary French illusionist and filmmaker Georges
Méliès, the collection put on display carefully crafted garments
in a lyrical homage to the pioneering film director's imagination.

Méliès was hailed as the 'Cinemagician' for his innovative technique 
mixing time-lapse images, hand-painted illustrations and multiple 
exposures: at the dawn of cinema, in 1902, he was able 
to devise a peculiar style based on theatricality and visual 
illusion to turn Jules Verne's surreal voyage to the moon into 
the motion-picture era with humorous fairytale 
characters and handmade 'special effects'.

110 years later, Stine subtly evokes the ethereal mood of Méliès'
works through stylish outfits in a gorgeous color palette where
gold plays the leading role paired with black and cold gray,
combined with pastel pink, tangerine and ruby red. The mix of
pale hues, prints of stars, crystals and moon landscapes highlights
Goya's signature style and her knack for creating her own visual
universe. As Méliès transformed reality through cinematography,
Stine Goya turns space suits into fine, poetic pieces.

images 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 © by Stacy Jean
images 3, 5, 6 © by Copenhagen fashion week

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