Friday, 2 August 2013

the road less traveled

My previous post about Dutch designer Winde Rienstra
whose wood-crafted creations are more complex and
more interesting than it seems at first, ended blazoning
her talent as ”patently winding up the Dutch fashion's
engine on her own” thanks to the core values of her
approach: sustainability, timelessness and 
great attention to details.

Rienstra's latest s/s 2014 collection, called ”The Forgotten
Path”, inspired by abandoned Russian dachas, wooden
country houses with a symbolic poetical lure, (my mind 
suddenly runs back to Dresden-based photographer  
Matthias Haker's decayed beauties) has been recently
showcased at Amsterdam fashion week.

Winde aimed at conveying the sense of serenity of these
forgotten homes with hints to the apparent stiffness of
her refined garments, this time through a childlike
playfulness that calls to mind the feeling of traditional
Russian tales: handcrafted creations mixing natural
and architectural elements, made out of wood and felt
skillfully enriched with golden stud detailings on
shoulders and belts alluding to bygone creatures.

The models, barefoot or wearing gorgeous see-through,
crystal-like platforms with straps of wooden balls, were
all escorted by elegant males holding their hand till the
end of the runway. Winde knows how to take the road less 
traveled to express the uniqueness of her couture-like 
style and its timeless allure.

> all catwalk images © by Team Peter Stigter <


  1. Oh, the Dutch.
    Keeping fashion edgy.

    I remember loving the first Rienstra post, and I like this one even more!