Friday, 9 August 2013

the garden of good and evil

Are good and evil inseparable aspects of life or is goodness
something chosen? Though, acceptance of evil doesn't make
evil good. Maybe it's not as clear-cut as that but for sure the lack 
of one makes the other meaningless yet I do believe most people
are essentially good as you and me but as far as I know,
animals are undoubtedly incapable of doing evil.

The vibrant works of Romanian freelance illustrator 'Aitch',
as pronouncing 'H' being Heliana her real name, are
populated by uncanny beasts and creatures looking cute
and tamed. Aitch started drawing weird chubby fantastic
creatures while she was studying at the University of Art
& Design in Timişoara, ”as a sort of subversive reaction to
the academical ways of treating human anatomy”.

”My artistic work ranges from pink, cute, elegant to sometimes
creepy, semi-religious, bizarre characters, mixed in surrealistic
she declares. Bearing the seemingly childish, archetypical
naive style, Aitch's bold, colorful artworks are crowded with lush
foliage, flowers, birds, snakes, wolves and foxes ”all evoking 
fantastical scenes of splendor and malice” as she writes
introducing them on the net. I dare say that most of them
look like oil paintings more than watercolors and they all have
the power to call to mind both southeastern European 
as well as Mexican symbolic allegories.

Inspired by naturalistic illustration, pattern design and Naive
Art as well as by Balkan folklore, Aitch creates watercolor 
illustrations on paper often cutting characters and animals
out of wood to combine them into intricate designs echoing
the works of Marc Chagall and Henri Rousseau le Douanier.

”The Garden of Good and Evil' is an ongoing process that
draws its essence from mundane experiences filtered through
an allegorical point of view”
the artist declares presenting her
latest series of artworks that are on display this summer in
an exhibition together with her partner, painter and muralist 
Raul Saddo, that will tour Austria and Germany after 
shows in Portugal and Canada.

They had many occasions to work and show together,
debuting at Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin, working for McCann 
Erickson Romania and they also tried to develop their 
organizational and curatorial skills by creating Vatra Collective,
an artist-run space/studio/shop with fellow artists.
Aitch loves to alternate drawing with making things, she
creates artsy objects, urban toys and clothes or even clay
works; her urge to fabricate things is boundless and I bet
she'll be quite busy this summer sharing her art, meeting
new artists and friends while investigating the 
eternal struggle of good and evil.

> all artworks © by Aitch via Behance <

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