Thursday, 15 August 2013

shiny squirrel's artsy garden

Jessica Goldfond, the mastermind behind Brooklyn based
PR company and showroom ”Shiny Squirrel” that specializes
in emerging artists and designers giving them assistance in
all parts of business from branding to sales, teamed up
with photographer Gregory Aune, fashion editor and stylist
Heather Breen and illustrator Samantha Hahn 
to realize the firm's amazing lookbook.

Jessica, an art history major in college, started Shiny Squirrel
to provide an online platform for up-and-coming designers
following the namesake blog she established in 2006 (its
'Love this Look' page is one of my daily reads ever since

 day one), building up a fancy gallery featuring exclusive
limited edition and one of a kind artworks while the Elizabeth
street's boutique offers a wide range of artsy pieces,
 mainly jewelry, in pure, rock-bottom indie design.

Gorgeous images with a gripping vintage feel: Samantha 
incorporated her illustrations of birds and flowers into Aune's
moody pictures that look like they were taken over a century
thanks to tiny stains and a bit of grain that skillfully accentuate
their subdued stylishness. The squirrel isn't too shiny here
yet its lush garden is a real casket of wonders: designer
clothes, fine jewelry and accessories as well as unique
hand-crafted pieces. Let's squirrel away some money
 to welcome the never-ending temptation!

> all images © by Gregory Aune, styled by Heather Breen <

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