Friday, 26 July 2013

Viennese classical funk

Vienna's got talent! The glorious capital city of Austria has
long been a hub of flair playing a pivotal role in the arts
(not only in music, though) and lately it's winning acclaim
anew for its commitment to a high quality artistic approach
that briskly turned it into a focus of fashion design.

Bradaric-Ohmae can be definitely listed among Austria's
most interesting designer labels. Founded by Tanja Bradaric
and Taro Ohmae who studied fashion design together at the
University for Applied Arts in Vienna (Tanja was trained under
Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho while Taro studied
under Veronique Branquinho and Bernhard Willhelm)
B-O's womenswear is polished and charming and
it comes with superb accessories.

They both gained significant experience working for brands
such as Balenciaga and Chloe before establishing their own
label combining their family names: the gifted duo came to
debut in Vienna in June 2011with their ”Pictures Seen”
collection which evolved as a migratory dialogue exploring
the existing pre-conceptions of the designers' native 
countries, Croatia and Japan.

Bradaric-Ohmae collections ”seek to translate the turbulence
of the present day into a raw creative energy, which expresses
the potential for a bright future. Taking as their starting point
stereotypical representations, they experiment with technique,
texture and pattern to create an innovative hybrid style. Playing
with the idea that something wholly unique can mutate from
cliché, their designs embody and explode their own ethnic
and cultural origins...” their website statement reads.

B-O's latest AW 2013-14 collection, ”Classical>Funk” shows
the label's signature blend of Oriental and European backgrounds
through simple yet sophisticated garments that fully represent the
Viennese take on high-end fashion: classical looks and shapes
have been widely redefined through colors and proportions subtly
adding a funky sense of rhythm. Not by chance, the up-and-coming
label was featured in 'Another Austria', the exhibition curated by
Austrian Fashion's editorial director Claudia Rosa Lukas last
February within London fashion week's framework to ”present
a vivid picture of the Austrian fashion scene” as she wrote,
showcasing their work to set up connections with a broader
milieu that I dare say they wholly deserve.

> all images © by Jork Weismann via the label's fb page <

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