Monday, 29 July 2013

the honorable medicine

Once again traditional African craftsmanship meets our markets
through a sustainable-oriented fashion label, strangely involving
anew 'the city of angels', and Ghana (as in Della's post here).
I'm so glad to see more and more multicutural collaborations
between Africa and the Western world: it's only a matter of
time before African fashion will spread its wings (London's
African fashion week is gearing up for next week's launch).

Ethical fashion label 'Osei-Duro' was founded by Vancouver
born designer and mkgt. teacher Maryanne Mathias and
L.A. based costume stylist Molly Keogh after Mathias left
home for a yearlong textile sourcing trip. Noticing that many
cultures seem to lose their ability in creating traditional
handicrafts, the designers aimed at producing 
contemporary clothing with a sustainable vocation.

Osei-Duro is a compound name from the Ghanian Twi language,
where 'Osei' means noble or honorable while 'Duro' comes from
'Oduro' meaning medicine or magic so the label can be aptly
called the ”honorable medicine” for its right-minded, cure-all
style that incorporates timeless textile techniques and patterns.
The label's fall-winter 2013-14 capsule collection, ”Light on Dark”,
is entirely designed and produced in Ghana, a country known
for its hand-woven textiles and its hand-dyeing techniques,
by the network of local artisans and makers they came to
establish in the past ten years. Maryanne and Molly also
seek to create employment for women in emerging 
countries providing them job skills and tuition.

”Light on Dark” shows the designers' attention for quality details
through hand-dyed and batiked cottons, silks and rayon as well
as several hand-crocheted items, such as the eye-catching
cardigan made from hand-dyed merino wool crocheted by the
label's lead craftsperson in the Accra branch, Ayishetu Yussif
Bulley, featuring brass buttons made from recycled water pipes.
Ethic, ethnic, graphic and townie at the same time.

> all lookbook images © by Colin Leaman via Fashionising <

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