Tuesday, 9 July 2013

the body and its dress

I'm impressed by the strongly conceptual approach of
Finnish born, Berlin-based young designer Emilia Tikka
whose work investigates the human body as an entity
and as the media of our time. Tikka's latest collection,
'External Body', has been inspired by French post-structural
philosophy (mainly by Jacques Derrida's texts) and natural
science history showing deconstructed experimental shapes
and cuts. ”The main idea of the collection is fading of borders
between the organic body and its dress. In the past, our choice
of dress was a way to express individuality. Now the body in
itself has become a form of expression, a text that can be
re-written and re-shaped by technologies and performance.
In the 90's the technological cyborg body of machines and
computers inspired fashion. Twenty years later, the cyborg
has changed into a biotechnological complex, where
technologies appear organic and natural” as she puts into
words while the captivating images taken in Berlin's
Zionskirche by young photographer Zuzanna Kaluzna,
a former graduate from Ostkreuz School of Photography,
focus the attention on the designer's unceasing dialogue
between the body and its dress being Emilia fully aware
that, to paraphrase Coco Chanel, if there's 
no body, there's no dress.

> all images © by Zuzanna Kaluzna <

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