Saturday, 20 July 2013

Siberian candy dandy

DIY has definitely a new frontier: Siberia. I was taken aback
by the artistic and upcycling abilities of women from the taiga
region (here) but a new take on zero-waste fashion really makes
me mad. Four-year-old Arina Tarasova walks the streets of
Tigritskoye village, some 300 miles south of Russia's Siberian
city of Krasnoyarsk, with her aunt Yelena Tretiakova wearing
gorgeous glossy dresses. Tretiakova is a kindergarten teacher
who makes awesome dresses out of candy wrappers as a
hobby sewing together hundreds of them to create gleaming
textures. Eye candy and mind candy at the same time, Yelena's
dresses stand like a modern twist on traditional costumes in the
sunny images by Reuters™ photographer Ilya Naymushin who's
widely known for her daily life images capturing unique and
intimate moments as well as colorful festivals and breathtaking
landscapes of Siberia. Have an attractive folkish weekend!

> both images © by Ilya Naymushin/Reuters™ <

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