Monday, 15 July 2013

Seraka's Afro pop

In many African nations more than half the population
is under 25, so it's no surprise that young gifted artists
are mushrooming all over the continent covering a
variety of languages in the different fields of art.
Senegal is currently experiencing a sudden increase
in creative activities - composing, playing, visual and
political expression as well as fashion design.

 > images 1 & 2 © by Layeprophotos <
'Seraka' is the name of a RTW label founded by 'the
unconventional' Senegalese designer Selly Raby Kane
whose good-humored personality is constantly fed by
music, street art and cartoons in creating a free-spirited
urban style. Pop and sophisticatedly Afro, her s/s 2013
collection shows trends and influences from ethnic style
and digital prints: Selly skillfully mixes tribal motifs with
modern patterns in her dresses making explicit
 her natty approach.

Seraka's collection has been selected in the top five
for this season's womenswear by Okayafrica, ”the
multi-faceted hub capturing the spirit of this unprece-
dented boom in youth culture, focusing on emerging
and progressive artists, blending traditional 
aesthetics with a futuristic lifestyle”.

 > lookbook images © by Eduardo Acevedo, style by Quanasia Graham <
But to tell you the truth, I'm eager to see her upcoming
collection: Selly chose to make it known through a
superb teaser video called ”Inner Cruise”, styled by
herself and directed by Tom Escarmelle of White Owl
Prod. with twin amateur actresses Amy and Bintou
Sonko traipsing around the city of Dakar wearing the
designer's futuristic black & white combo dresses
with an eye-catching rounded small cape, voluminous
experimental shapes, mirrored corsets and platform
heels that looks like a natural evolution of 
her own ironic yet detailed style.

> screen shots from ”Inner Cruise” short movie <
 > portrait of designer Selly Raby Kane © by Omar Victor Diop <

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