Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Margiela's artisanal flair

Maison Martin Margiela is widely known for its deconstructed
aesthetic; often hailed as iconoclast and experimental, the
brand expresses its creativity through up-cycling, transformation
and reinterpretation of previously worn silk scarves and canvases
turning them into couture pieces. Margiela's 'Artisanal' fall/winter
2013 haute couture collection show in Paris was introduced by
uncannily embellished facemasks providing a mysterious sense
of camouflage that subtly evokes the brand's unidentified design
team who took on after the founder's retirement. The 19-piece
collection is plenty of blooming flowers, beaded and embroidered
motifs with tropical birds and ramages, vivid satin evening gowns,
layerings, crop jackets entirely made of marble cabochon 
stones and a fabulous top with tied up geode slices. 
Opulent and easy to wear at the same time, Margiela's 
artisanal elegance makes a statement without being 
theatrical and it perfectly goes with faded jeans.

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