Friday, 19 July 2013

finger lickin' book

When I stumbled upon Pawel Piotrowski's ”The Sandwich
Book” the words of chef and food writer James Beard, the
builder of a gourmet American food identity who brought
French cooking to middle and upper classes right before
Julia Child, came to my mind: he wisely said that ”too few
people understand a really good sandwich” because Pawel's
conceptual book in spite of looking simply delicious is
still waiting for an editor to publish it.

Echoing the experimental books mixing textual and sensory
communication conceived by legendary Italian all-around
designer Bruno Munari, ”The Sandwich Book” plays with
holes, foldings and pop-up effects to create the different
layers of a rich, tasty sandwich. Pawel Piotrowski is a young
graphic designer and freelance photographer who graduated
in graphics & media art from the Academy of Fine Arts in
Wroclav, Poland, ”seeking inspiration in everyday life and
what surrounds me - it's like the force in Star Wars ;-)”
he wittily says. Bon appétit!

> all artworks and images © by Pawel Piotrowski <

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