Wednesday, 17 July 2013

brushstroke therapy

Kirandeep Bassan is a fashion and print designer
(and a blogger, too) who's currently studying fashion
design in southeast central England, at the University
of Northampton. ”I'm passionate about prints which
focus on the use of vivid colours and bold shapes” she
introduces herself, ”florals and geometrics are themes
which can be seen throughout my recent work...”

She showed her knack for textile with this year's final
collection that made waves soon after being showcased
in June at Graduate Fashion Week through eye-catching
vibrant prints with brushstroke effects in bold primary
colors on billowing chiffon fabrics skillfully draped and
layered to fully convey a 'wearable art' effect.

Kirandeep ”was lucky enough” as she writes, to be
chosen for the Gala show and to win the Zandra Rhodes
Textile Award, named in the ”once outrageous” designer's
honor and presented by Zandra in person who acknowledged 
the collection not only for its colorful prints, yet for the range 
of textures Kirandeep was able to create juxtaposing different
lighweight fabrics. Rainbow garments bursting with joy.

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