Sunday, 7 July 2013

been there, done that

...Where you been for the last few days?
I want you back
Put my feet back on the ground
I don't need the lost and found
I need somebody to tell me when I've
Been there, done that
Been there, don't wanna go back...

Brian Eno & John Cale, 'Been there, done that'

A few days ago I was asked by an old friend living in
Rome to help him find a location for a movie to be 
so I ventured out through old gravel roads looking for
neglected plants and factories with a brooding
post-industrial mood. I suppose that my dear friend,
an experienced playwright, is about to spend the
summer toying with the idea of directing a movie
asking his trusted friends to seek ”jewels out of
as he pointed out. I was honestly in need of 
a break and a daycation under the bright summer sun 
touring the Tuscan countryside on its 'strade bianche'
or 'white roads' as we call the old unpaved roads climbing 
up the steep hills full of vineyards and cypress trees, 
was quite appealing. 

I was out in the noonday sun on Friday when I stumbled
upon an abandoned sugar mill that probably won't fit my
friend's idea yet it looked gorgeous to my eyes: imposing 
rusted iron ceilings, tall smokestacks, brick walls and huge 
glass windows. Overgrown and deserted, shady and covered 
with dust and debris (strangely with not a single tag or 
graffiti), it instantly took me back to a bygone era
when everything was quite different.

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