Friday, 7 June 2013

voguish on a budget

Fast fashion changed pace at the beginning of 1990s
when brands began competing for market shares
by introducing more lines per year at lower prices
while globalization paved the way for clothing brands
to manufacture rough-and-ready garments in Far East 
countries, however reasonably priced fashion has never
looked so tempting as in the stunning images taken
by Belorussian photographer Tania Kezha.

Based in Minsk, Tania teamed up with stylist, decorator
and painter Darya Golova to realize ”Spring Camouflage”,
a fashion editorial for BOLSHOI magazine issue #35
featuring low-priced garments from some of the world's
most recognizable brands of the branch such as
Mediterranean Zara, Sisley by Benetton, Stefanel and
Motivi together with a dramatic sleeveless piece by 
local designer Linda Namus who usually signs 
her creations together with Natasha Sivtsova. 

> all images © by Tania Kezha, style & design by Darya Golova <

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