Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Uta's art wear

Uta Bekaia is a multimedia artist and an ”art wear”
designer as he introduce himself born and raised
in Tbilisi, Georgia (an independent kingdom in
medieval times before being absorbed by the

 Russian empire and hence the Soviet Union),
he's been living and working in NYC since the last
fifteen years primarily as a costume designer on
over 150 project with theatre and film companies.

Uta began to explore the concept of living art-wear
through theatrical creations following his inbred
knack for fashion and fine arts: at the age of 17
he took part in his hometown's avant-garde fashion
week and that moment changed the course of his
life providing the base for his development as a
designer. Uta wants to involve every aspect of
art always aiming at bringing together reality and
fictional visions while highlighting the thin 
borderline between them.

Currently a member of Ideal Glass NY, a multimedia
art project involving sound and visual art, Uta came
to show his latest living multimedia performance
called 'The Purple Jester' at 'Fashion Clash' in
Maastricht, The Netherlands (it will soon appear
at Brighton fashion week) in an interactive live
show with performing artist Willard Morgan as the
Jester ”...traveling through space and time on a
quest for romantic fulfillment in a series of seven 

 dream landscapes” Fashion Clash reports.

Conceived by a professional fashion joker who plays
the fool creating his futuristic take on the art of
Hieronymous Bosch and European medieval art
by blending historic costume design references with
unusual and even recycled materials as well as fur,
metal shapes, leather and burlap, Uta's outfits
never fail to astonish ironically or dramatically.
”Each dream confronts the Jester with an immersive
installation in which he must negotiate phantasmagoric
manifestations of human realities, including 
hunger, war, gossip and sexual desire.”

all images from the show © by Peter Stigter
A truly impressive theatrical performance with an
eerie mood that may look incongruous and absurd
at a glance, yet it uniquely combines music and dance,
interactive videos, fashion and performing arts in a
creative cross-media art form where drama, ballet,
acrobatics, stage effects and last but not least,
clothes, enhance the whole concept behind them.

FashionClash image © by Ayakamay

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  1. I just saw the first picture and went "somebody make him/her a costume director ASAP!"

    Tarsem Singh?