Thursday, 27 June 2013

perfection is boring

I bet you remember I'm hog-wild about the irreverent approach
of young Singaporean designer Max Tan and his signature
”maximizing on minimalistic ideas”. Max conjures up silhouettes
concealing the wearer's body experimenting with playful and
innovative cuts, working on proportions and sometimes blowing
out of them. I happily met his talent when his winter 2010 collection
Against” was showcased in Amsterdam and I've been tracing his
career in constantly redefining the relationship between masculine
and feminine by breaking the rules of drafting and tailoring.
Plain to see, Max designs for a worldly-wise woman with an artistic
and intellectual bent who understands fashion,
confident enough to stand out from the crowd. 

His latest RTW fall-winter 2013-14 collection, aptly called
”Against II”, moves forward his much lauded AW 2010 collection
soldiering on the notion of what is right and wrong by going against
proper tailoring techniques. Previously unseen details are now
intentionally exposed; garments are split up into bi-polar color
block combos; bold slashes and graphic hues blend in harmony
while maintaining their minimalistic disposition.
Max's celebration of mistakes gives birth to gorgeous outfits
in which de-construction meets construction, androgyny
meets soft geometric forms and garish color shades.
Can't wait to see the label's upcoming s/s 2014 collection
that is set to be unveiled in Copenhagen on August
during the official fashion week.

> all images courtesy of Max Tan <

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