Wednesday, 5 June 2013

never too old to play dress up

The title tells it all: this one's a gripping collection
intended to show respect and admiration to those
elders who keep experimenting with their style in
a joyful manner (Ari Seth Cohen, the mastermind
behind fabulous 'Advanced Style' weblog, docet)
Realized by London College of Fashion womenswear
design student Felicity Gransden, the playfully 
ironic, colorful collection is aptly called 
”Never too old to play dress up.”

Felicity puts on display an eclectic, top-to-toe
glamorous style inspired by her grandmother's
love for color, dazzling textures and prints that
joyfully explores, as she explains; ”...the idea
of personal identity and how clothes are used
everyday to express feeling, personality and
individuality. Particularly looking at this in terms
of age and how age affects style and the 
ability to express oneself visually.”
To show her perusal of age's effect on style,
Felicity had the lovely idea to make the collection's 
lookbook with a tea party photoshoot involving
'advanced' fashion ladies, namely Mmes. Kate
Stephens, Clare Waters and Trudy Gomez:
”inspiring characters for whom, despite their age,
everyday is an opportunity to play dress up.”

Women who ”have the confidence and audacity to
be completely themselves and only themselves,
why be anything else?”
she asks wholeheartedly
calling to mind 90-something style icons like Iris Apfel
and Ilona Royce Smithkin whose love and passion
of expressing themselves using color pushing the
boundaries coming with age and stereotype,
shaped the idea of creating the powerfully 
colorful, tongue-in-cheek collection.

As a statement of individual style, the collection is
plenty of handmade items: hand knitted garments,
hand mixed dyes including already colored silks,
in which ”...the soft, bubbly, fluffy uneven texture
of the hand spun wool is juxtaposed with the slick
shiny face of metallic lamé”
in a continuous game
of textures and colorways with intriguing bomber
jackets, knitted or in electric blue lamé with ruffled
sleeves, graphic prints and bulky accessories.
For those who think getting old means 
loneliness and grim.

> all images © by Dan Sakal, styled by Gianfranco Colla <

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