Tuesday, 25 June 2013

knitted Salvation Mountain

Meeting the unconventional knitwear creations by
London-based designer Katie Jones was a joyous
surprise: although still studying at Central Saint
Martins, she was already pushing the boundaries
of traditional crocheting by skillfully playing with
proportions and stitching techniques while moving
out knitted handicrafts into high-end fashion
(see previous post here).

Katie graduated in March this year with an MA
in fashion, unveiling her latest 'Slab City' s/s 2014
collection a couple of weeks ago at the Zeitgeist
show in the imposing settings of St. Bartholomew's
Anglican church in Brighton during the latest 
fashion week, the BFW13.

”Born by serendipitous necessity, the need to give
voice to the creative individuals that are taking
control of their work, their output and their vision...”,
BFW nurtures and supports emerging fashion talents
showcasing a range of key designs, ideas, skills,
concepts and innovative artistry. 

Katie's creations are inspired by traditional art and
crafts, different landscapes and cultures as well as
by the colorful works of compatriot artist Grayson
Perry and mostly by 'Salvation Mountain', the unique
folk art site made of adobe, straw and paint that covers
an entire hill in Niland, near Slab City, California
(ten to one you've seen it in 'Into the Wild' movie).

Undeniably, Perry's wit found a way into the collection
while Salvation Mountain provides both the color palette
and a gorgeously vivid background to the fully hand
crocheted looks. Katie combines her cultural references
with superb workmanship creating modern tribal dresses
in a stunning parade of patterns, knitted facemasks and
fancy openworks, all spiced up with her zany humor.
original catwalk photos © by Gareth Gregg/SunshineLens Photography;
collage by Katie Jones, background photos by Kathy Mcgee

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