Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hallo, it's me!

image © by Yulia Zhdan, styled by Anna Litkovska
It was Halloween night when I met Dina Lynnyk's
'Creepy Kids', a spooky photo shoot she made for
the trick-or-treating nite (here) and her own label
'It's me' which is characterized by collages and
prints exclusively designed by herself.

The Kiev-based young designer unveiled the
latest 'It's me' capsule collection called ”Splitting”
that explores the all-embracing 3-D technologies
and their influence on us through clean shapes
and gorgeous digital prints in which black & white
graphic textures are blended with red, natural and
golden shades providing liquid effects.

lookbook images © by Roma Pashkovskiy, style by Olga Yanul
By splitting and stretching her collage designs,
Dina creates textures susceptible to dissolution
and disgregation producing melting effects subtly
alluding to someone who's constantly changing
in the quest for new modern forms.

Dina Lynnyk's ”Splitting” smartly suggests that patterns 
and ideas, just like people do, adopt a new sense only
after being melted away. I have a liking for the
sketches and the technical specs she made
while putting together the collection: 
they're worth a thousand words.

sketches and technical designs via the label's fb page

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