Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Frida in H's swan song

Here she comes again: a gripping fashion editorial
has been inspired once more by Mexican legendary
painter and proto-feminist Frida Kahlo. Titled ”Frida
reloaded”, the fashion story is featured in this month's
issue of 'Hache', which is better known as H Magazine,
the Spanish monthly magazine about lifestyle 
trends run by Motorpress Ibérica.

The Barcelona-based printed and online magazine
has been providing for over 13 years key insights into
the fields of culture, fashion, music and technology
through high-profile articles and visuals. ”Frida reloaded”
is actually a fascinating eye-opener on Mexican style
combining iconic features such as its apparently clashing
colors with traditional motifs like skulls or images of the
Virgin Mary through dramatic colorful outfits and pictures.

Shot and directed by Miralla y Calf, a duo of young visual
artists (both born in 1990) devoted to pefection: they're
responsible for developing the concept, locate or create
entirely scenarios, design costumes as well as to shoot
and post-produce each single picture in order to suggest
a whole story behind it. Miralla and Calf joined forces
with stylist Arturo Argüelles Molinete and make up artist
Raquel Àlvarez Diaz (for Art Lab Aveda) to transform
model Alessandra Ching Vargas of Uno Barcelona into
a contemporary Frida walking through the narrow 
streets of the medieval village of Albarracìn, one of the 
quaintest corners of the Teruel province, in Aragona.

Sadly, the gorgeous editorial stands as the magazine's
swan song: the official fb page unhappily reports how
the ongoing credit crunch is to blame for its closure
while the editorial staff thanks all Hache's fellow readers
hoping they enjoyed the magazine as much as they
did making it. ”Frida reloaded” is too good to make us
feel downcast yet it's always sad to see an independent
magazine close down. Hoping against hope that H
would find a new way out, let me voice my 
¡Gracias! for what they did so far.

> all images © by Miralla y Calf, style by Arturo Argüelles Molinete <


  1. Elizabeth, this spread is just lovely! Thanks for discovering / posting it. Will share and share!

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