Sunday, 2 June 2013

color-matching fellowship

image credit: Mehmet Karaca/Solent News
Mother Nature proves to be the greatest color
matching system through this camouflaged
color-co-ordinated duo sporting identical shades
of green: a green chameleon and an Eastern
Dappled White butterfly (Euchloe ausonia) perched
on his head make a perfect match in the breathtaking
image taken by photographer Mehmet Karaca in his
hometown of Kahramanmaras, Turkey, who was 
enthralled by the unlikely pair. Mehmet, aka Lisans,
is a skilled 28 years old lensman whose macro
images of insects, chameleons and praying mantis
are widely known for their beauty and accuracy.
As Pedro Calder‪ó‬n de la Barca wrote, ”Green is
the prime color of the world, and that from 
which its loveliness arises”.

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