Monday, 3 June 2013

clothes as accessories

Japanese thirty-something designers Keiko
Miyakoshi and Kohrogi Hitoshi founded the
Osaka based ROGGYKEI label in 2006 inspired
by the concept of ”clothes as accessories,
accessories as clothes” through an innovative
fusion approach that came to put their brand's
name on the map earning at once 
attention and esteem.

”Clothes as accessories, accessories as clothes;
as designers we strongly believe this. Sometimes
they emphasize each other and occasionally convey
a deep fascination with the other. When worn there
is no border between them, clothes can be a part
of an accessory, accessory can be a part of 
clothes by coexisting” they declare.

”We believe that fashion is a mirror reflecting ourselves
and a way of expression to show our personality, as
well as a communication tool with our society. (...)
But fashion shouldn't be categorized like that. 
There are infinite possibilities coming from our 
fashion and we keep searching for them”.

ROGGYKEI's AW 2013-14 collection, called 'New
Horizon II', puts on display the duo's avant-gardism
through futuristic pieces skillfully combining black
and white with vibrant shades of blue using different
materials such as leather with technic and metallic 
fabrics, needless to say, with gorgeous accessories
like suede long gloves, bulky cuffs, black leather 
clutches and stunning squared leather bags with
a hole in the center. Unmistakably Japanese.

all images © by Akira Yamaguchi, style by ROGGYKEI
from the label's Tumblelog

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